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Dreambuilt has derived as a result of the journey of a young Carpenter that continued to experiment and expand skills in the building industry whilst continuing his studies to evolve from an apprentice carpenter to a building Inspector.

The company name Dreambuilt in simple form means conception to completion. Nothing is ever achieved without first having the inspiration. Over the years I realise the amount of excitement that new clients experience in the process of designing the new home or major renovation to suit all aspects of their lifestyle and taste in the luxury things of habitat lifestyle. We have the ability at Dreambuilt to cater for all aspects of soft landscape, structural landscape, home design and interior furnishings. We do rely on the relationships we have developed with other organisations over the years to bring the Dream to conclusion and to say the words, it is built. The very words all clients like to hear. It is then beginning of the client’s new way of living in the new habitat.  A completed Dreambuilt project.

In most cases it takes longer to design and have approvals completed than it does to actually build the project.

About the Director of Dreambuilt

David Freeman as a sole director of Dreambuilt pty ltd is qualified and experienced.
Between 1980 and 1984

After completing my apprenticeship in carpentry here in Brisbane,  I realised how exciting it was to have the ability to design and build even small items like furniture. I don’t feel like I have worked a day in my life. To spend my days designing and building is an absolute pleasure and a dream come true.

Between 1984 and 1989

David went into the corrective services to teach carpentry. It was in the corrective services that I grasped the need for compliance, safe working environments and fair work practices.

In 1989

David resigned from the corrective services to pursue a building career. I realised that my life was to be spent designing and building.

Between 1989 and 1992

David completed a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects with other builders. Working in environments with other created builders inspired me to become licensed as a builder myself.

In 1992

David became licensed through the Builders registration board as a builder. It was now time to create a team and help families design and build their new habitats.

The Builders registration board became the building services authority and the gold card builders licences were first issued. 1992 was a very big year for the building industry where new compliance and building code laws were established. It was a learning curve for all builders within the industry.

Between 1992 and 1995

David and his team built 112 home throughout Brisbane. These are exciting times but I realised that volume housing was not satisfying my personal requirements and I returned back to doing  custom construction on a smaller scale.


In 1996

I received a phone call from the corrective services and once again was teaching carpentry. It was a different aspect of teaching in joinery shop making solid hardwood furniture. Creating prototypes and teaching inmates skills in the carpentry field.


In 1997

Tafe Queensland approached me to join their team and I was employed by TAFE Queensland. David was employed at Yeronga Tafe teaching carpentry and building science. Once again my experience and understanding in compliance, setting up prototypes and teaching systems for others to follow were improved. During this period I still continued as a builder working after hours and weekends on custom projects.

Between 1997 and 2002

David built a variety of custom projects to gain experience. It appears that from 1980 through to 2003 I spent my life researching and gaining experience for the birth of Dreambuilt.  A company that has the experience and skills to perform multiple styles of custom construction from idea to completion.


In 2003

Dreambuilt was born and has built many custom projects over the last 13 years including new homes and renovations.

Dreambuilt is a member of the Master builders association and has 9 trade and builder licences.

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